Pro Se Debtor

Attorney Lynn Martinez is also an Interim Trustee of the United States Trustee Program.
As the Trustee selected for your Case filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court, Attorney Martinez is NOT YOUR ATTORNEY.
Attorney Martinez or Her Staff can not answer any Legal Questions or help you with any Legal Problems. 
It might be necessary for you to contact a Lawyer to determine your rights in this case.
The Court's Web site has a Question and Answer Section ( LINK provided on first on the first page of this Web Site)


At the meeting of creditors, the trustee may announce an intention to sell nonexempt tangible property of the estate if the aggregate value of all nonexempt property is less than $2,500. Any objections to said announcement must be filed in writing with the clerk and served upon the trustee within 15 days of the meeting. 


 As a Pro Se Debtor you are required by law to submit to the Trustee Lynn Martinez the following:

No later than SEVEN business days prior to the original date set for the first meeting of creditors, the debtor shall provide to the case Trustee a copy of the Federal Income Tax return required under applicable law, or a transcript of such return.(the last 2 years that you have filed)

Pursuant to Interim Bankruptcy rule 4002, the debtor shall bring to the 341 Meeting of Creditors: 1) picture identification issued by a Governmental Agency, or other Personal Identifying Information that establishes the Debtor's identity and evidence of a Social Security Number (original Card or Current W-9) The Trustee will not accept a copy of your Social Security Card it must be an original or a letter from the Social Security Administration Office. (Link to Web site is locate on the first page) 

The Trustee will need you to forward to her the following:
(you will receive a letter from the Trustee Assistant with three additional forms which must be filled out and returned to the Trustee prior to the
Meeting of Creditors)

  1. Copy of your last 2 months current Bank Statement (both Checking and Savings)
  2. Copy of your Mortgage Statements (for all Real Properties you own this also means any Time Shares)
  3. Copy of your last 6 months Pay Advances
  4. Copy of your last Statement for any Vehicle your are currently making payments on to any lien holder.
  5. Copy of your Title to any vehicle you own


A 341 Meeting of Creditors is scheduled for a certain date time and location. The Debtor (both spouses in a joint case) must be present at the Meeting of Creditors to be questioned under oath by the Trustee and by Creditors. The Meeting of Creditors may be continued and concluded at a later date without further notice.

The Trustee may at this time that part or all of your State and Federal Tax Returns might belong to the Bankruptcy Estate. the Trustee will have you sign a Stipulation of turnover if this is necessary.
the Trustee might inform you that she would like to gain entry into your real property to examine your personal belongings or ask you to get certain items appraised.


If the Trustee has taken any non exempt property for the Bankruptcy Estate, she will inform the bankruptcy Court that there might be a Distribution of Proceeds. Your Case will remain OPEN until all of the assets have been distributed to your Creditors who file Proof of Claims.
If the Trustee has taken no action within 60 Days after your Meeting of Creditors you will receive a Dischage of Debts(your Bankruptcy Case will remain OPEN until the 60 days have expired.

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